Hydroseeding San Antonio

San Antonio Hydro-seeding takes pride in their workmanship and has the finest equipment available to support your San Antonio-New Braunfels hydro-seeding needs.

Erosion Control & Drainage

Inadequate drainage and erosion are common nuisances in Southern Texas areas such as San Antonio & New Braunfels.

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Welcome to San Antonio HydroSeeding

Dallas HydroSeeding is a locally owned and operated company serving the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas. We are Hydroseeding Experts and your single source specialist for both residential and commercial hydroseeding and hydro mulch customers as well as municipalities in all aspects of landscaping, ground cover and irrigation. Our trained specialists are ready to assist you at any time with your hydroseed needs.

What do we do?

San Antonio HydroSeeding offers various services: Hydro-Seeding, Hydro Mulching, Erosion Control, Drainage, Landscaping, Maintenance Services. Our services can be used for many applications: Golf Course Construction, Roadside Work, Commercial and Industrial Jobs, Retention Ponds, Sports Fields, Residential Home Sites, Erosion Control.

How we do it?

Copyright © 2006, San Antonio Hydroseeding takes pride in their workmanship and has the finest equipment available to support all your hydro-seeding needs. Our special blended recipe has been proven time and time again to provide you with the full lush green lawn you desire. We own only FINN Hydro-Seeders. FINN Hydro-Seeders uses independent systems for mechanical agitation and liquid recirculation. Compared with the other manufactures’ units, FINN’s all-hydraulic design provides more power for mixing and delivering the thickest possible slurries.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I was very surprised with how fast the hydroseed grew. My neighbor planted his own lawn two weeks earlier than mine was planted. After a couple of months the difference between his lawn and mine was amazing. My lawn looked like it was planted a month before his, not the other way around. The hydroseed is thicker, taller, and a darker green color. I couldn’t be happier with the results

“Our experience with Green Dallashydroseeding was terrific. It grew extremely fast; we mowed it at about the six or seven week stage. Not only did it grow fast but it looks better than our neighbor’s grass who put in sod for almost triple the price. The service was also great. Travis did all the work; he even programmed my sprinkler clock and adjusted some heads for free. I would recommend Green Gro to anyone.”


“I went on vacation the day they hydroseeded, and when I came back two weeks later I already had grass! I was shocked at how fast it had grown. We also had Green Gro come back and take care of the lawn with the first year program. They fertilized it several times, killed the weeds, and aerated. I was very happy with their service.”